Gelatin Free Jelly Belly Guide


For many people, jelly bellys are a favorite candy. However, many gummy candies contain ingredients you might not regard acceptable to people on a vegan or vegetarian diet. If you would love to stick to the right jelly belly ingredients, it’s important to be informed about all the things you eat. If you’re looking to find gelatin-free jelly bellys, here’s a guide with answers to questions you might have.

So, Are Jelly Bellys Vegan?

To create the appealing shine, jelly bellys are covered with shellac and beeswax. Beewax is an animal product, so most vegans would elect to avoid it as they consider collecting wax from hives cruel. On the other hand, shellac is made from beetle resin. When you collect resin, many female beetles die as a result of the process. That’s why many people on a vegan or vegetarian diet refuse candies and foods that contain shellac, which is often listed as ‘confectioner’s glaze’ in the ingredients list. However, there are jelly belly alternatives you can embrace if you’re vegan diet.

Vegan Jelly Belly Alternatives

If you would like to enjoy Jelly Belly candies and you want some vegan options, you can find Jelly Belly alternatives, you will discover there are similar candies that don’t contain animal by-products.

Jolly Rancher’s Jelly Beans: This is one of the best alternatives for vegan jelly beans. The Jolly Rancher’s Jelly beans are vegan. Flavors available in this category include blue raspberry, orange, strawberry, grape, apple, and watermelon. Also, these candies don’t contain ingredients like shellac, beeswax, and gelatin, which are all unsuitable for vegans and vegetarians. The ingredients list for these candies includes malic acid, lactic acid, artificial flavors, sugar, corn syrup, cornstarch, gum Arabic, mineral oil, and carnauba wax. One of the grey areas you might want to confirm involves the artificial colorings. Find out if it’s acceptable as colorings in themselves don’t contain animal-derived products.

Warheads Sour Jelly Beans: If you don’t mind puckering up with each bite, the Warheads Sour Jelly Beans are a recommended alternative to Jelly Bellys. The ingredient list for these includes glucose syrup, sugar, modified corn starch, citric acid, fumaric acid, vegan-approved food coloring, and natural and artificial flavors. You can find these candies in six flavors, including watermelon, orange, blue raspberry, green apple, and cherry.

Wonka Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans: These are coated in a candy shell, but unlike Jelly Bellys, the shell does not contain any animal by-products. Inside, the candy offers a fruity filling with one of five flavors, including watermelon, grape, lemon, strawberry, or orange. If you prefer a twist on the jelly bean, this is a delightful choice that will satisfy your cravings.

YumEarth Naturals Sour Jelly Beans: These are delicious jelly beans from YumEarth that contain real fruit juice and all-natural ingredients. They even offer 100% of your daily requirement of vitamin C, which helps you feel good when you indulge in your favorite treat.

VeganSweets Jelly Beans: There are companies that make candies that pass the vegan test, but it’s ideal to support companies that make vegan-friendly food. VeganSweets jelly beans don’t contain any animal by-products like beeswax or gelatin, and they’re as good as any jelly beans.

Haribo Jelly Beans: Haribo is a globally renowned brand, but it can be a bit of a challenge to get their jelly beans. You can check them out online or explore your local store. Among ingredients in these jelly beans include citric acid, flavors, glucose syrup, modified corn starch, sugar, flavors, carnauba wax, gum Arabic, plant and fruit concentrates. All these ingredients are plant-based, so you can enjoy the jelly beans if you’re vegan.

Surf Sweets Jelly Beans: If you want vegan alternatives for gimbals candies, this is a brand that contains 100% vegan ingredients. Some of the ingredients in the jelly beans are organic grape juice concentrate, organic tapioca syrup, ascorbic acid, citric acid, organic sunflower oil, colors, natural flavors, and confectioner’s glaze. All the flavors are natural, the ingredients are plant-based, making this a vegan-friendly option.

Jelly Belly Ingredients List


Pectin jellybeans is one of the most recognizable brands. The jellybeans are a choice for many people, but if you’re vegan, you might want to consider alternatives as there are no vegan versions of the jelly beans. Among ingredients in the jelly bellys include:

• Citric acid

• Phosphoric acid

• Ascorbic acid

• Lactic acid

• Soy lecithin

• Fumaric acid

• Malic acid

• Sodium lactate

• Cocoa powder

• Sodium citrate

• Artificial flavors

• Color added

• Coffee

• Caffeine

• Salt

• Beeswax

• Carnauba wax

• Confectioner’s glaze

• Vanilla beans

Check out for controversial ingredients like sugar, which may be processed using bone char to create the authentic white hue.

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