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Confront The Doctor

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On Episode 6 I shared how I’d have a family doctor; a special guest who would educate us on
“Breaking The Myths Behind Salt.” Due to sudden changes or profession demand, we had to reschedule.
Yes, so….. I decided I’d Confront The Doctor and I’m no deposit bonus uk 2020.
What’s that? What? Am I embarrassed because the Doctor just did a switch a roo on me?
Absolutely not! That’s why I decided to Confront The Doctor. We’ll talk about it on the road.
Why are you looking at me with that attitude? You know you want to be there. So….. I’m grabbing my keys and we rollin’. Consider this a therapy session. Let’s go.

Confront The Doctor

Would you like to know what Living Every Bite is all about? Living Every Bite is about every moment, every action, every encounter, every experience becoming a part of who you are. Living Every Bite is a partaking great or small and it all matters. We are living every bite and what we partake in is what we become.

Do you remember…. Episode 6 Fruit Picking–Am I The Right One?
Life is very interesting because life has a way of testing you? I told you last week about negativity, setbacks and down times. I said and I quote “these moments should be opportunities to get creative. Every problem poses an opportunity for a unique solution” that’s what I said….

Now here we are. I’m faced with a setback…..the Doctor rescheduled after I made an announcement! Well, I’m here to tell you, I live my own message. I am the right one for this job. So guess what? Three words:


Confront The Doctor We’re almost there…..

Let me explain what I mean by confront. When you confront something you face up to it and deal with the problem or difficult situation. In my case, rather than get angry, cry or issue a silent treatment, I decided to

Confront The Doctor, take my own advice and do Episode 7 anyway.

So, what did you think confront the doctor meant? Ohhhh you thought I was going to fight the doctor and catch a case! Oh no, no, no, no. Umm, you do realize that if I did that you were going down with me because you an accomplice. Yeah, you in the car with me but

I persevere. Say it with me….okay, you don’t have to sing it say it with me. I persevere, I’m steadfast and persistent, I’m self-motivated, I do what’s required going above and beyond what’s expected. My passion, my zeal, my love is reflected in my work.

Friend, can I call you friend? When I’m met with a negative situation or setback, I use it as an opportunity to get creative because every problem poses an opportunity for a unique solution.

That’s right….. living the message.

We’re here, at the Doctor’s office.

Wait a minute, is that the guy from the grocery store? And he got a dog now?!!

Oh no, nope. I’m about confronting the Doctor situation, but this confrontation we not doing.

Make sure you keep that seat belt on because this session is over and we rollin’. You ready? Are you sure because you act like you want to visit with that dog. Listen, we out!

Tune-in next week for our special Guest Dr Nika Nakia as she Breaks The Myth Behind Salt. You never know what can transpire between now and then so don’t missed it. Connect with me on the living every bite podcast group on Facebook and check-out free recipes at
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Miranda Simon

Miranda Simon is a self-driven entrepreneur and lifelong foodie who combines her unshakable work ethic and love of great food to empower people to be the best version of themselves. Personality-wise, she considers herself to be like Louisiana Hot Sauce; bold in her demeanor and direct in how she communicates. Currently, she strives to inspire others through her various ventures, including but not limited to Living Every Bite Podcast (exclusively on iTunes!), a travel business, and The Living Diet. When she isn’t cooking or hard at work, she devotes her time to her loved ones. Miranda is married to her husband of over 16 years and is the awe-inspiring stay-at-home mom of seven beautiful children whom she home-schools.

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